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Claire 1fbd1fa5c4 Merge branch 'main' into glitch-soc/merge-upstream 2 months ago
admin Add ability to filter audit log in admin UI (#13381) 2 years ago
settings Set up /settings/keyword_mutes. #164. 5 years ago
accounts_helper_spec.rb Split AccountsHelper from StatusesHelper (#12078) 3 years ago
application_helper_spec.rb Spelling (#17705) 2 months ago
flashes_helper_spec.rb Spec FlashesHelper (#3414) 5 years ago
home_helper_spec.rb Fix locale related specs (#3707) 5 years ago
instance_helper_spec.rb Do not default site_title with site_hostname in InstanceHelper (#6624) 4 years ago
jsonld_helper_spec.rb Fix compacted JSON-LD possibly causing compatibility issues on forwarding (#17428) 3 months ago
languages_helper_spec.rb Change languages to be listed under standard instead of native name in admin UI (#17485) 3 months ago
routing_helper_spec.rb Use URI.join even when S3 enabled (#4652) 5 years ago
statuses_helper_spec.rb Change RTL detection to rely on unicode-bidi paragraph by paragraph (#14573) 1 year ago