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abcang efffdd3778
Fix rubocop config and warnings (#15503)
11 months ago
attachment_extensions.rb Add stoplight for object storage failures, return HTTP 503 (#13043) 12 months ago
blurhash_transcoder.rb Add blurhash to preview cards (#13984) 2 years ago
color_extractor.rb Fix rubocop config and warnings (#15503) 11 months ago
gif_transcoder.rb Fix GifReader exceptions (#13760) 2 years ago
image_extractor.rb Fix audio uploads without embedded image (#14203) 1 year ago
lazy_thumbnail.rb Update ESLint and RuboCop in Code Climate (#12534) 2 years ago
media_type_spoof_detector_extensions.rb Fix mimetype returning nil (#14356) 1 year ago
response_with_limit_adapter.rb Fix downloading remote media files when server returns empty filename (#14867) 1 year ago
transcoder_extensions.rb Add color extraction for audio thumbnails (#14209) 1 year ago
type_corrector.rb Add customizable thumbnails for audio and video attachments (#14145) 1 year ago
url_generator_extensions.rb Change REST API to return empty data for suspended accounts (#14765) 1 year ago
video_transcoder.rb Fix videos with unsupported colorspace not being transcoded (#13242) 2 years ago